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Additive Manufacturing

Advances in additive manufacturing now offer engineers many options when producing prototypes that can achieve critical tolerances, hold up to high-temperature environments, and withstand stress and impact.

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HP Multi Jet Fusion

RPM Fast offers the new HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology. This is an excellent solution for quick turn nylon (PA12) parts that require short lead times, low porosity, and excellent surface quality. We can produce smooth parts with minimal post processing that are excellent for functional prototypes or even low volume production.


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is ideal for building durable components with complex geometries in nearly any shape and size. FDM can create parts and prototypes with outstanding thermal and chemical resistance and excellent strength-to-weight ratios. FDM is well suited to support functional prototypes to high-strength tools.


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RPM Fast

SLA is a very accurate technology that is ideal for concept models and investment casting patterns (urethane tools). SLA can provide a smooth, high-quality surface finish like an injection molded part when finished properly.


An excellent choice for functional applications where accuracy, flexibility, and impact strength are critical requirements.


An opaque, off-white material that is durable and flexible.


A tough, opaque gray material for applications requiring durability and impact resistance.


An excellent general-purpose, white resin that can be thermally post cured to increase the heat deflection temperature to ~200°F.

ABS – Black

A black, durable material for a variety of applications.


A strong, rigid medical-grade material that retains its properties in a variety of environmental conditions. It is clear and nearly colorless when properly post-processed.


White, high-performance material with an unbeatable combination of stiffness and toughness for your functional testing needs.


This stiff material can also be post-processed to achieve a clear model.

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Carbon 3D DLS

Carbon 3D is a new resin-based technology using digital light synthesis to form complex parts. The new technology produces parts that mimic injection molded like qualities. The parts are isotropic, have exceptional surface finishes, and excellent mechanical properties, making the technology a great option for low volume production as well as high-end prototypes.


Selective Laser Sintering

A good process for strong and geometrically intricate components. The SLS process eliminates the need for support structures and allows for complex geometries. Production parts can be durable, water and air-tight, and heat resistant.

Material Options

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Smooth, accurate, detailed parts that can support thin walls. PolyJet uses a high-resolution (as thin as 16 microns .0006”) ink-jet technology. It’s a great fit for models and prototypes with complex geometries, fine details, and smooth surfaces. Multiple colors and materials can be combined for over-molded parts.

Materials Options

DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)

A good manufacturing process for metal parts that can only be printed due to complex geometries. Also, an alternative to casting parts when engineers are still in the prototyping stage.

Material Options

New technologies will be coming to market, including Desktop Metal printers that will drastically reduce the cost of metal printing.

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